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Greek Users Of Business Intelligence Apps
This blog’s purpose is to enhance Greek Users’ knowledge on Business Intelligence Applications, the Information Age and the vast changes it continuously brings to our world.


2 thoughts on “Home / About

  1. Very cool list. We just worked with our first user from Greece who was really impressed with our technology. I just saw your site and noticed you have a lot of companies mentioned but not Yurbi, http://www.yurbi.com. If you wanted more information to include it just let me know. thanks


    • Hi David – Happy to know you liked it.
      First of all the icons in the “Home/About” page is non indicative of the plethora of
      BI solutions that exist in the world (just in case).I will be more than happy to receive
      information from you regarding Yurbi (especially since you have made your 1st cooperation with a
      Greek client). The purpose of the blog is as you have already seen – to promote the
      philosophy of Decision Making based on data & BI in Greece. In case you may find difficult
      the use of Greek Language I will just have to translate for you. 🙂


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