Amazon’s Dash Wand barcode scanner returns with Alexa and is now essentially free

Amazon’s Dash Wand barcode scanner returns with Alexa and is now essentially free

Το “μαγικό ραβδί” της Amazon, το λεγόμενο Amazon Dash Wand, είναι μία ακόμη απόδειξη του πόσο έχει προχωρήσει η επιστήμη των Υπολογιστών στον Αιώνα της Πληροφορίας. Ένα δείγμα τεχνολογίας που είχε προβλεφθεί από τον Μιχάλη Δερτούζο, προ του 1993 και το βλέπουμε τώρα να γίνεται πραγματικότητα.

Το πιο χειροπιαστό δείγμα του φαινομένου – να εξελίσσονται πράγματα στην τεχνολογία που εμείς δεν γνωρίζαμε κατά την διάρκεια της εξέλιξης τους – να εξελίσσονται για εμάς δηλαδή χωρίς εμάς.

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Ορολογία της Ημέρας (T.O.D) – 12/02/2016 [bucket (AWS bucket)]

bucket (AWS bucket)

A bucket is a logical unit of storage in Amazon Web Services (AWS) object storage service, Simple Storage Solution (S3). Buckets are used to store objects, which consist of data and metadata that describes the data.

An S3 customer must create a bucket before he can store data in Amazon’s public cloud and specify access privileges for the bucket by using the AWS Policy Generator. Although customers are not charged for creating buckets, they are charged for storing objects in a bucket and for transferring objects in and out of buckets.

There is no limit to the number of objects a customer can store in a bucket, but each AWS account can only have 100 buckets at one time.

Ορολογίες – μία προσφορά του

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Ορολογία της Ημέρας (T.O.D) – 17/01/2016 [Cloud Sprawl]

[Cloud sprawl] (αγγλική γλώσσα)

“Cloud sprawl is the uncontrolled proliferation of an organization’s cloud instances, services or providers. Cloud sprawl typically occurs when an organization lacks visibility into or control over its cloud computing resources.

Similar to server sprawl or virtual machine sprawl, cloud sprawl usually begins when an organization fails to adequately monitor and manage individual cloud instances. For example, a software developer might launch a new workload in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or deploy a private cloud to test a new software version or database, but then neglect to power down or delete the workload when it’s no longer needed. Because businesses pay for public cloud computing resources every month, the proliferation of unneeded cloud instances can be costly for an enterprise. Continue reading