Does the early bird catch the Fish?


Does the early bird catch the worm? or is it Fish? It all depends if you live by the sea (so it is a Fish caught by the seagull) or in the inland (so it is a worm caught by some bird). For the bird, the catch is its food, it’s own opportunity. So… opportunities always exist! But it seems that you have to try to move near them, close to them, beside them. And if a fish is a better nutritional opportunity than the worm, the bird must fly near it, to gain with the respective pain.

Always be alert, always be ready, not anxious, yet ready. Always read, read something, always look for the scent of the new, for the scent of progress, of innovation. After all, when reading a book, when studying a course, we are all fishing for knowledge, for sentiment, for feelings, for experiences.

A good book, is a good fish, a big fish. Bon Appetite!

(if it interests you – read a good book on BI or Data Science)

GrUoBIApps – Admin

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